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Bespoke Prints

Looking for a way of immortalizing your dream car or your own one?

We offer you the chance of making a customized illustration which will fulfill all your wishes.

Your choices:

- Model

- Number of Views

- Print Format

- Customized Details

- ...


Prices are varied and will depend on the requested illustration. The base price which would consist in a normal model, would be starting at 250€. From there on, the price would raise depending on the detailing (sponsors on the model, complexity, etc.) or on the number of illustrations in the print.

Another option could be a modification of an existing illustration (Different colour, different rims, ...), in that case the prices would be starting at 150€.


Once the customer agreeds, the first step will be to decide the view or views that will be done. 

Once the view is set, the illustration process will take about 2-3 weeks to be ready if there are no other orders ongoing.

The customer will be informed during the process.


You can make whatever you wish. A simple illustration, custom Trilogy print (3 illustrations), horizontal format, vertical format, print size, black and white, coloured,... Let your imagination flow and make your own and unique illustration as you want!

Order Yours!

If you have any question or proposal feel free to contact me.

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